[ubuntu-uk] USB 3 drive no longer automatically mounting

David King linuxman at avoura.com
Tue Aug 7 17:11:36 UTC 2012

This now seems to have fixed itself.

On 06/08/12 22:09, David King wrote:
> I recently moved my Ubuntu installation (10.10) from one hard disk to 
> another. I also installed Linux Mint on the new drive, which controls 
> the boot menu (on the old hard disk the boot menu was installed by 
> Ubuntu 11.10).
> Previously when booting into Ubuntu an external hard drive on a USB 3 
> port automatically mounted, using its entry in fstab.
> Now, when booting from the new hard disk (the partition was copied 
> using dd so it should be identical to the old one), it fails to mount 
> the USB 3 disk.
> Once Ubuntu has booted, I have to switch off the USB 3 drive, switch 
> it back on, and then run sudo mount -a to get it mounted. Before I do 
> this there is no way to mount it, it is not even listed in gparted.
> So how can I get the USB 3 drive automatically recognised and mounted 
> at bootup as before?
> David K

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