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On 17 October 2011 22:21, Daniel Case <danielcase10 at googlemail.com> wrote:

> Hey Guys,
> Sorry for the off-topicness, but I figured you guys would be the most
> knowledgeable people I know for this kind of thing.
> I'm looking to move to an open-source alternative to Skype, I know SIP
> is one of the protocols used, and I tried SipGate today. On initial
> testing (a 2 hour call to a home phone in the UK), far better sound
> quality than skype could ever have given me, and even a free local
> number! However, I need something that will allow unlimited (or
> 2500-3000 minutes) for £5-£10 a month as I usually use Skype (with the
> UK Home Phone Unlimited subscription) to make an hour or two call
> every night.
> Since SIP is open, are there any providers doing this? On an initial
> Google I can't seem to find any. Also, on pay and go with any VOIP
> provider, why do all providers charge 8-9 pence per minute for a
> mobile call, but only 1 penny for a landline call? Mobiles and
> Landlines are always 1 pence per minute for calls made to the USA, is
> there anyone who would offer 1 pence per minute calls to mobiles in
> the UK?
There are lots of VoIP providers, it's just a case of finding a package that
works for you. Skype does well because its pricing is straightforward.

While SIP is free as in beer, SIP systems have to connect into the landline
and mobile systems so it's often a case of where they connect: for landlines
it's preferable to find a service that has more interconnects so the transit
cost is cheaper. For mobiles it's still expensive because the interconnects
are where the mobile companies make their money.

Depending on where home is, you could even get your folks to get VOIP on
their end: Vonage's VOIP service is available in the US and Canada and for
the cost of the box  $20 I think - it's about £18-19 you get a smart VOIP
box that can route calls either over POTS or VOIP from your phone.

If you want to include your mobile have a look at Truphone: they provide a
SIM and a VOIP app that allows cheap global mobile phone calls and VOIP over
wifi and 3G.

Otherwise look at voipcheap.co.uk or sipgate.co.uk: the latter give the sort
of rates you'relooking for.

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