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Hi Dan.

I work for a fairly big Staffordshire based VOIP provider, SIP is definitely
the way to go, if you contact me off list I can show you some quotes.
However, the reason I am actually replying is about mobile rates.

Our sip trunk provider give us near cost price mobile rates, and the rates
we pay aren't far off those you stated. The reason for this is the networks,
Three being the worst, they sting us in order to cover the low contract
rates. There was a recent Ofcom ruling that meant there had a limit on the
rates, but they still haven't come down much.

Most VOIP providers with good wholesale agreements can offer sub 1p/min UK
landline rates. Some of the international rates are so cheap they're

There's not much we can do with mobile networks, especially considering
Orange have forbidden the use of their SIMs in SIP gateways (to dial out
over). VOIP will always be cheaper then landlines for mobiles, but, most
call rates to mobiles are served at a loss and covered by marginal increases
in landline rates or creative call packages.

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On Oct 17, 2011 10:22 PM, "Daniel Case" <danielcase10 at googlemail.com> wrote:
> Hey Guys,
> Sorry for the off-topicness, but I figured you guys would be the most
> knowledgeable people I know for this kind of thing.
> I'm looking to move to an open-source alternative to Skype, I know SIP
> is one of the protocols used, and I tried SipGate today. On initial
> testing (a 2 hour call to a home phone in the UK), far better sound
> quality than skype could ever have given me, and even a free local
> number! However, I need something that will allow unlimited (or
> 2500-3000 minutes) for £5-£10 a month as I usually use Skype (with the
> UK Home Phone Unlimited subscription) to make an hour or two call
> every night.
> Since SIP is open, are there any providers doing this? On an initial
> Google I can't seem to find any. Also, on pay and go with any VOIP
> provider, why do all providers charge 8-9 pence per minute for a
> mobile call, but only 1 penny for a landline call? Mobiles and
> Landlines are always 1 pence per minute for calls made to the USA, is
> there anyone who would offer 1 pence per minute calls to mobiles in
> the UK?
> Daniel
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