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On 25 March 2011 16:14, Jon Reynolds <maillist at jcrdevelopments.com> wrote:

> Hello folks,
> Am sure as all of you are computer users, some probably quite prolific (as
> coders etc), that some of you have had experience with RSI.
> I have had a bad wrist for a few years now on and off. It always seemed to
> go away but recently (last 4-6months) it seems to be here and not going
> away.
> Basically I get a pain in the inside corner of my wrist when it is bent
> back, i.e. in a position to do push ups. I cannot push things (e.g. doing
> push ups) without it hurting and shaking it (shaking inside-out socks) hurts
> too.
> I have tried wearing a wrist strap (like a sports one) for the last few
> weeks but it doesn't seem to be making much difference.
> I am a CAD user by day, which is very mouse-dependant, but also do an
> amount of typing, but I think the mouse usage is the main culprit as its
> always semi-hovering as I manoeuvre the mouse.
> I am wondering if anyone else has had experiences like this and how they
> got rid of it? Maybe those little cushioned mouse mats, where you rest your
> wrist on a small cushion would help.
> Thanks,
> Jon Reynolds (j0nr)
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Hi Jon,
Sorry to hear about you suffering from RSI, but as you said it sort of comes
with the territory/profession/etc.

I have been suffering from RSI for about 3 years (that I can think of at
least where it is really painful). I have a feeling it was originally set
off by doing lots of college work constantly day and night, but then again I
don't think it helps that I'm pretty much at a computer most of the time
ever since I first got hold of a computer and got to grips with it when I
was 14 (programming, etc).

I agree with Lunchie, I have considered buying those devices in the past,
however I've never actually tried them - but they do seem rather reputable
and seem to help many.

Firstly I'll point out before I tell you my story that my mother is a
qualified nurse, midwife and doctor (and has been at her profession for many
years)... however I still advise that you consult with your GP/Doctor, since
they'll know your medical history best. They will be able to advise you
towards your needs. Remember this is my mother giving me this advise, so she
knows me very well.

Best advice I got was from my mother, who I rang first when I was in total
agony (she lives thousands of miles away). She told me, to wear some
wrist/arm support for about a week (or as long as needed), take some strong
Ibuprofen (since it doesn't just help with pain, it also helps to reduce
swelling), and make sure you take plenty of rests while using the computer -
if at all possible, try to avoid a computer altogether for at least a few
days - for example weekends maybe in your case?).

I later flew out to visit her (because it was already planned/booked anyways
for months), and she pretty much banned me from the computer and phone for a
week (for my own good of course) while I was there. She got me some 600mg of
ibuprofen prescribed, wrists support for both wrists... and taught me a few
exercises to do with my wrists, arms and back. That helped greatly, and ever
since I've never suffered the same pains since. However I will point out
that I am more conscious towards RSI/CTS, and do make sure that I'm not sat
typing all day long (or mouse) without any rests and moving my wrists etc
around. She even bought me a stress ball (I later bought one of the ubuntu
stress balls off their site :P) to make sure I'm exercising my wrists whilst
reading the screen. Don't just squeeze at it aggressively, just slow fluid
movements (might help to do it while rotating your wrist slowly too).

Here's an exercise you can try:
- As mentioned above briefly, try and rotate your wrists really slowly all
the way around a few times, then stop for a moment, then rotate all the way
around the other way for a few times. Keep doing that for like a couple of
minutes, make sure your flexing your fingers in and out slowly ever now and
then while you do it.

I really hope this information is helpful to you, but again best way is to
actually consult your GP/Doctor (I can't stress that enough). Although I
didn't mention it above, before I went and visited my mother I had gone to
my local doctor and pretty much confirmed the above was okay for me to do.
The note from the doctor also helped get me an extension on my assignment,
so that I could try and rest my wrists for a while.

Hope you feel better soon, and don't worry your not alone with this problem.

Kindest Regards,
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