[ubuntu-uk] Rugby Ubuntu meet up

Dan Fish dan at fishms.org
Sun Mar 13 16:39:33 UTC 2011

I'd second this - it should be a great day. Sadly I can't be there so I 
hope the pub wot I chose is OK!


Dan Fish
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> As most people on here I love Ubuntu and promote it where I can, another
> thing I love however is RUGBY no not Ruby! When there is a match on the
> TV I tweet it for folks I follow to join in the rants/discussions on how
> the game is going, but also on IRC.  I am also a firm believer that any
> community is based upon people who have other interests outside of
> Ubuntu/OSS want to meet up and discuss other things and not just go to
> conferences.
> When I moved to the UK I had nobody to go watch games in the pub, I
> decided after talking to people in the #ubuntu-uk who also like Rubgy
> and Ubuntu to organise a meet up to watch a game together.  Dan Fish
> picked the pub and I picked the game.
> Next week on Saturday 19th Match the Ubuntu-uk LoCo are going to go
> watch a game of rugby over some drinks/food and catch up with people who
> like Rugby and Ubuntu.  Even if you?ve no interest in Rugby but do want
> to meet people come along. If Ubuntu is not your flavor, or you?ve no
> interest in OSS but just love rugby come along! Be nice to meet more
> folks over here.
> I chose the Ireland V England game! It should be a good game and
> everyone is welcome to come along, I?ve added the event to the LoCo
> directory so do sign up if you?re coming along so we can get more seats.
> http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/615/detail/
> Laura
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