[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu UK Podcast Season 4 - Live this evening!

Alan Pope alan at popey.com
Tue Mar 1 18:01:05 UTC 2011


At 20:30 UTC today the Ubuntu UK Podcast goes live with the 4th Season!

If you're around and fancy listening in to us blather on for an hour
about Ubuntu and the community around it then point your browser at:-


The icecast stream URL (which is only active when the show is on) is
below, and should work in various media players.


We'd love to see you drop by the IRC channel #ubuntu-uk-podcast too!
There's a webchat thing on that page, or you can use a 'proper' IRC
client if you're so inclined.

One thing we're having a play with this season is a quiz. We're going
to be asking eachother some taxing Ubuntu related questions, and
you're welcome to join in.

If you can't join in, don't worry, we'll put the show out as a podcast tomorrow.

If you have any feedback we'd love to hear it via any of the methods below!

Phone: +44 (0) 203 298 1600, sip: podcast at sip.ubuntu-uk.org and skype:
Follow our twitter feed http://twitter.com/uupc
Follow us on Identi.ca http://identi.ca/uupc

Note: We're still fiddling with the site theme, so if it's a bit janky
bear with us! :D


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