[ubuntu-uk] Scheduling software recommendations

Avi Greenbury lists at avi.co
Mon Jun 27 15:42:23 UTC 2011

Morning All,

I'm after some scheduling software, and I'm sure other people have 
scratched this itch previously. Having never really used any before I'm 
not precisely sure what I want, but the situation is that we have some 
people available to do work, and some people scheduling work in. There's 
quite a large intersection of the two groups.

I've made a list of all the features I can think of that I'd like, but 
this probably isn't exhaustive. Only absolute must haves are that it's 
both sorts of free and we can host it ourselves.

Features I know I'd like:

* Each of the people in the 'doing work' group have an ical or similar 
feed containing work for them

* An ical feed that shows *all* the scheduled work.

* Email reminders. Being able to run arbitrary scripts as reminders 
would be good too.

* A simple interface - having people actually use the thing is way more 
important than pretty effects.


* Ability to assign work based on time (X is covering from 0100 - 0600, 
so this job at 0300 automatically goes to X)

* Ability to script entries, so we can concoct our own interfaces/tie it 
in with other systems.

* Sit on a webserver in php or perl so I can easily tie it in to the 
other http auth'd bits and pieces we have. It'll have a VM to itself so 
tomcat or whatever's doable too. I can't envisage a good-but-not-HTTP 
means of access, but I'm open to suggestions.

Anyone got any suggestions?


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