[ubuntu-uk] What aren't we doing? What should we be doing?

Avi Greenbury lists at avi.co
Fri Jun 24 16:47:34 UTC 2011

Ronnie Tucker wrote:
> How about a site/page where people who have Ubuntu installed could go
> for help. This site/page would have volunteers logged in and waiting for
> folks needing help. When the person needing help types something into a
> text box on the page, or picks a problem from a list, the volunteers who
> are all logged in would get an audible ping. First one to click a big
> 'I'll help!' button gets to help the person. The click idea (rather than
> being assigned a person) is that if someone wanted help with servers
> then I wouldn't click as I'm clueless about servers. Anyway, the first
> thing the helper would do is guide the person (in text chat) on how to
> enable remote access. Once that's done the helper can text chat while
> visually showing the person how to do whatever it is they need help with.
> Taking it a step further could be that the helper could Skype the person
> (if available on both ends), or have the site SMS (text) volunteers to
> say that there's someone needing help, but no helpers logged in. There
> are Android/iPhone apps that allow receiving 'texts' through data, so it
> wouldn't cost anything to send the texts (in theory).
> I'd certainly stay logged into the page and help folks.

This sounds a lot like IRC but without the peer review.

Either way, I think a current problem at the minute is the amount of 
places there are to go for help with Ubuntu - I'm not convinced yet more 
are needed.


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