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I sympathise Paul. There are poor tutors out there, and having a
qualification is no absolute guarantee of quality.

On 24/06/11 09:26, Paul Sutton wrote:
> On 24/06/11 09:12, alan c wrote:
>> On 23/06/11 17:41, Bea Groves wrote:
>>> Can I say I'm teaching a full-length (i.e. 10 x 2 hours) unaccredited
>>> course for adults entitled 'Introduction to Linux' for North Tyneside
>>> Adult Learning Alliance next year. Date and time are still to be
>> Well done you!
>> I have a local adult learning centre near me, and I would like to run
>> something here. However, the centre  manager is clear and adamant that
>> this cannot happen because I do not hold a teaching qualification or
>> whatever. I suppose various degrees and diplomas do not count.
>> I would appreciate a comment or two about what can be done here.
>> An alternative which is not viable yet would be for me to hire the
>> room outright but there would need to be a queue of prospective
>> (adult) students first before that could work.
> i think you need somethig like a 7302 adult teaching qualification, 
> from city and guilds,  not sure if this applies across the board,  i am
> sure a university lecturer would have something more than this.
> personally as long as you know what and care good teachers have a
> passion for the topic, you are talking about, if i was the learner i
> would not care,  having undertaken adult literacy / numeracy you are
> either dumped in front of a computer to learn or taught by someone who
> in my case did not listen or could not help in the way asked.
> interestingly i have pointed out errors in the software and got zero
> help from the so called tutors, (to me this is not proper teaching)  so
> just cos  you have a 7302 or what ever does not make you competent, only
> on paper  i an do a better job than some of these people in fact there
> are children who can do a better job, they teach me,  but they are also
> open to ideas and help so a mark of a good teacher.   a lot of the adult
> numeracy / literacy is teaching to a test so you can pass and
> demonstrate you understadn something but to me it can be in a very
> narrow context,
> have a look in to what is really required,  your next step is to
> convince them to allow use of anything othjer than what they have (see
> RM stuff) if they have RM and don't allow Linux you could be stuck. 
> however if you can advertise and there is demand then you can either
> meet it or have those people go elsewhere.
> paul

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