[ubuntu-uk] What aren't we doing? What should we be doing?

Alan Bell alanbell at ubuntu.com
Fri Jun 24 12:09:07 UTC 2011

Just like the Yellow Pages, or any other means of selecting a vendor 
that does not include a reputation based scoring system. We could build 
our own vendor catalogue with pre-qualification requirements and a 
reputation system, but lets use what is already there for now, and if 
anyone wants to contribute a better system (perhaps tied in with 
loco.ubuntu.com) then they can go do that.


On 24/06/11 13:01, Laura Czajkowski wrote:
> The problem with the marketplace imo is you have no idea who is on there
> yes they could be a company or could be joe smith who is fantastic and
> fix your computer in 30 mins or they could be someone who has less
> experience and will rip you off, there is no criteria to be on
> marketplace at all.
> Laura

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