[ubuntu-uk] ubuntubooks.com - free transfer to whoever

Andrew Oakley andrew at aoakley.com
Thu Jun 23 16:55:41 UTC 2011


I own the domain ubuntubooks.com . For reasons of my life getting busy
(twins; I mean, really, TWINS, who conceives twins naturally? Isn't
sitting in front of a PC all day and evening supposed to irradiate
my... never mind), I never really did anything with it. The original
plan was to put up Ubuntu-related book reviews, and link to Amazon
with a referrer ID that would make money for a open/free software
cause, or Bletchley Park, or some good cause. I never got around to

The domain will expire on Monday 27 June, 4 days from now.

I'm happy to transfer it to whoever I think gives the best
community-spirited use for it, deadline for making a case is Saturday
8am BST and you must be available to make the transfer by Sunday
mid-day, i.e. you must check your email on Saturday daytime.

Email your pitches to andrew at aoakley.com

That person must take on the running costs, 'cos I am now dirt poor
(my missus has to earn HOW MUCH before it is worth her going back to
work and paying for childcare for twins? Oh, and I see we don't
qualify for tax credits anymore). There are no outstanding payments
and no transfer fee. It's with GoDaddy ATM and I can get an EPP
anytime. Happy to transfer to any registrar.

Failing that it'll probably get gobbled up by some annoying
cybersquatter SEO domain parking nuisance about 3 miliseconds after
the redemption period. Yuck.

Feel free to forward to whoever. Please only email me if you are
genuinely going to use this for a community-spirited purpose and can
meet the deadlines.

Andrew Oakley andrew at aoakley.com

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