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Can I say I'm teaching a full-length (i.e. 10 x 2 hours) unaccredited
course for adults entitled 'Introduction to Linux' for North Tyneside
Adult Learning Alliance next year. Date and time are still to be
confirmed. This will be the first time we've ever had a Linux-based ICT
course in the borough (to my knowledge). It didn't take much to convince
the powers-that-be to include it in the curriculum; as long as there
were people who wanted to attend then I easily got the go-ahead. And of
course, I'm teaching Ubuntu.

What's notable is that if there is enough demand then I can't see any
problem with repeating this year upon year.

The ball is rolling. MS need not quake in their boots just yet, but my
impression is that many people get keen on Ubuntu once they have a look
at what it can do and how easy it is to install and manage... though not
so many are keen on Unity unfortunately!.

On 23/06/11 17:26, Sarah Chard wrote:
> O
> n Tue, 2011-06-21 at 14:04 +0100, Sarah Chard wrote:
>> Out here in Herefordshire our next event is 17 sept software freedom
>> day
>> and we usually target schools and get a few teachers and educators
>> through on the day - but I am wondering this year if we can make more
>> of
>> an effort to get schools and students involved 
> Well I took my thoughts and some of the comments from this list to our
> HLUG software freedom day planning meeting and we have decided to make
> education our main focus this year.
> We are looking to pilot a project starting with 2 schools (hopefully one
> primary and one secondary) to introduce some FOSS software to students
> and teachers -using local contacts to make initial approaches to the
> schools but letting all the schools in the county know what we are doing
> and giving an open invite to our SFD event  - 
> We are lucky to have one of the Vinux developers as a lug member and he
> has rashly offered to create  an ubuntu based disc for primary use and
> one for secondary use so that we can run chosen programs from live cd or
> msticks. 
> We plan to do the project in the month following SFD assuming we have
> uptake from schools - various LUG members already have CRB checks and
> are happy to give up time to develop a project plan and to go into a
> school and work with children as well as talk to teachers. 
> We are in early stages but I thought it was worth letting you all know
> our plans - it's a small start but if it works we may be able to get
> other schools involved.
> Sarah

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