[ubuntu-uk] Example of difficulty to Convert MS users

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Thu Jun 9 13:49:44 UTC 2011

On 08/06/11 11:00, Jon Reynolds wrote:
>   My dad uses Windows and recently it completely crashed and the local
>   computer shop said it needed reinstalling. So he lost all his programs.
>   He decided he was going to try OpenOffice, which I thought was great. I
>   also pointed out Libre office to him.
>   But unfortunately the outcome was that OpenOffice didn't do address
>   labels the way he was used to and didn't like the way OO did 2-column
>   layouts... or something like that so he's going back to MS.
>   Think this is kind of typical of a lot of people. They learn how to do
>   something one way and simply cannot be bothered to learn a different
>   way. his attitude was that he didn't mind going to pay for MS because he
>   knew he could just get on with what he wanted to do.

He may be of the generation which was touched by a world war where 
people, probably including his relatives, fought and died. The motive 
was 'freedom'. Many (most) wars are associated with 'freedom'. When 
the problem gets as far as war, it is a tragedy, but I would ask him 
isn't it worth just a LITTLE effort to preserve the liberty which 
would otherwise be sold for a purchase price? It is not the same as 
physically having a chain of enslavement around the leg but if it was 
'Freedom' being sold (it IS), exactly what price would that really be 

Ubuntu user

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