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I'm only on just above 'nodding' terms with edubuntu, but have seen that
they do have a good support group for the newcomers to it. As it is teachers
talking to teachers, they do have a far better understanding of the
specifics for classroom / computer labs than we could ever have. It is an
excellent variant of the ubuntu family and one that is under appreciated. I
actually do so love it when the 'kids' come on and ask how to bypass the
security on it.... Gotta love those kids!

For those teachers a liitle afraid and want a bit of hand holding, being
able to get over the fear of talking to a 'geek' is possibly a way forward
for some (not for all), to extend their computer resources in the current
economic climate.

With the 'small' plug in computers which are designed to be 'played' with.
There does seem to be a loss of the possibility that there are some
youngsters who want more than 'shoot them up games' and I know lubuntu is
being used to put new life into old kit, the F/OSS environment of which
Ubuntu is one of the most actively and well known, the cause is not lost.

Maybe Ubuntu-UK would like to propose 'adopt a school / college' - It would
certainly get the LoCo about 2,000,000 brownie points for 'all the good
things we do' for re-election of the UK LoCo to remain official?

just a thought...



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> That is a distinctly good question, I have been using computers, in some
> shape or form, since I was a young child, and without giving my age, that is
> a long time.
> And learn something new everyday, so my learning curve could be considered
> as being decades.
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> Alan Bell <alanbell at ubuntu.com> wrote:
>> I have heard with my own ears teachers complaining about applications
>> having a learning curve. . . why would anyone want to use something in
>> school that didn't have a learning curve I wonder.
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