[ubuntu-uk] Um, why am I blocked from #ubuntu-uk

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Sun Jul 24 08:47:54 UTC 2011

On 24/07/11 09:28, Avi Greenbury wrote:
> scoundrel50a wrote:
>> See, this is where it is confusing, to me that says its Oneiric,
>> where does it say its Linux, built for/on Oneiric, it doesnt. How am
>> I supposed to know that? That is why I am confused, which makes it
>> confusing for everybody else.....
> I think it's just generally assumed that by the time someone is playing
> around with the kernel itself, they're aware of the distinction between
> 'Linux' and 'Ubuntu'. Historically, that's been because playing around
> with the kernel itself has been relatively hard.
Yeh, that would be ok, if I had done it myself, I got advised to visit 
#ubuntu-x where somebody on there told me to install the kernel.......I 
remembered how to do it, but didnt know how to unsinstall. Which if I 
remember, was one of the questions I asked. It isnt a good idea to 
assume....... that is what causes the problems all the time....
> It's sort-of suggested as such in the PPA's description on launchpad
> ("The quality of these packages is such that you had better know what
> you're doing.") but, of course, you can't really know whether or not
> you know what you're doing until having a go and seeing if it all goes
> wrong... :)
> Perhaps, with different kernels getting so easy to install, it should
> be made more clear. But I don't really know where; the package already
> follows the normal naming convention somewhat:
> linux-headers-3.0.0-0300rc1-generic_3.0.0-0300rc1.201105310830_amd64.deb
> [name of what's in the package]-[version]-[more minor version]-[even
> more minor version]-[yet more minor]_arch.deb
When you get a heading on a page, that has the word Oneiric in it, what 
else is there to assume, maybe you should change the heading then, if 
that is the case. It seems to me, these instructions are made by geeks 
for geeks......and people like myself, shouldnt be allowed near 
them.......but then again, if they are there to be used......
> And doesn't even mention Oneiric, just Linux (which is what it is). The
> only mention of 'oneiric' on the PPA page is in the example sources.list
> lines.
>> How will that happen, it isnt just my an Acer Aspire thing, its wide
>> ranging?
> Well, someone affected by the problem will have to poke through the
> changes and find out where it's broken. There's a GitBisect tool for
> doing this, but it does require some familiarity with building
> and installing kernels, or a willingness to learn fast :)
Ok, as you know, I am not a geek, and this is where I posted about paid 
help not so long ago, which was thrown out as not an option. This is 
where Ubuntu falls down...it doesnt cater for the individual......you 
need to be a geek to use it.....

Learning about GitBisect would be ok, if I had an understanding of the 
language, I dont......

I just get by........

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