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> On 03/07/11 11:27, Paul Sutton wrote:
> > I don't want ubuntu to end up like windows with endless boxes popping
> > up but we can help people a little and be less intrusive in the
> > process.
> When MS were moving in on the well established   Wordperfect installed 
> base, then ms Word had all sorts of highly targeted help items, aimed 
> at (me) the new Word user. In fact I was forced into Word away from WP 
> because of employer's policy, and I became very aware of   the 
> targetted help.
> Ubuntu's new approach is unashamedly inspired by 'best of' MAC and Win 
> stuff and because the large target population is using windows, and 
> most will need a little help, I think it would be a good strategy to 
> let it speak windows world language. Maybe with a 'turn off' option.
> -- 
> alan cocks
> Ubuntu user
he seemed to like the cosmetics in office for some reason. I find libreoffice really nice: at least half of the screen is not filled with menus an ribbons. But as a design suggestion i would make libreoffice with more vertical space similar to how unity , gimp and gwyddion do. But i understand it's pretty radical and might alienate.
With his wine problems i did suggest via twitter to get crossover linux but a) i failed go in depth as to how to do it b) felt he was not keen on buying soft (though i bet he will spend loads with iPad).
Gwibber was a shame too. I didn't understand his empty feed he had. 
It seems he is keeping ubuntu but since he might run it again in a distant future and has auto update set i bet he will think it is broken. 
Also good point with the easy install. But as said here: the fact that it's 1 cd with all you might need was missed and he missed the check box for install propietary software (invidia drivers and flash?)
It is clear from start that versions seem to be a problem: would it be worth going for updates rather than 6 month release al la chrome ? That or get less zealots pulling him to different versions of ubuntu. I.e. He got feedback saying he natty was a development release. But the web defaults to natty now.
He failed to get in contact with his LOCO which would have been a plus. But he did cite getting help from canonical which i could not find in his blog comments, twitter or face book. Maybe emails?
The ntfs vs ext4 was alien to me but felt it was cut and paste.   
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