[ubuntu-uk] OT - digital TV recorder (Humax) free software.....

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Sun Jul 3 15:26:23 UTC 2011

I have just purchased a new Humax tv recorder (FOX T2), it has a USB 
port  which can be used to connect to a LAN and router for tv internet 
use, with things like iplayer (bbc) etc. I am using a wifi usb dongle.

I noticed that the first file system the User's Manual lists 
compatibility for, in an external hard drive is ext3, which I thought 
was nice.

I continued thumbing through to the appendices, and suddenly saw lots 
of free software stuff.

'...... The licences for most software are designed to take away your 
freedom to share and change it. By contrast, the GNU General Public 
Licence is intended to guarantee your freedom to .....'

The hardcopy User's Manual has 105 pages and page 98 onwards is Open 
Source Software Notice - GPL softwae Linux, busybox, avinfo
LGPL uClibc, libexif, id3lib
FTL (www.freetype.org)

and an appendix with over 6 pages of GPL and LGPL licences  shown.

It took me a little while to check I was not dreaming.
alan cocks
Ubuntu user

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