[ubuntu-uk] Backlight problem still not fixed

scoundrel50a scoundrel50a at gmail.com
Sun Jul 3 18:27:03 UTC 2011

Its a long story, which is complicated and I dont understand why it was 
installed either, but there we are. popey knows, he tried to help, and 
connected to my laptop, to see if he could get the backlight to turn on, 
and it wont. I thought, I could possibly update, if there was anything 
to update. To see if anything had been done to get the backlight to turn 
on. I tried running Natty, which is how I found out about this problem. 
the backlight wont turn on. It seems to be a big problem with Natty and 
quite a few computers. Unless this is sorted, I wont be able to update, 
which means I only have about 18 months to use this pc with 10.10. Hope 
that helps.


On 03/07/11 18:51, Alan Bell wrote:
> It won't update as there is nothing newer in any repository that you 
> have in your sources.list Installing an Oneiric kernel on Maverick is 
> quite an unsupported thing to do. (that is a whole release apart 
> skipping over Natty) I am not sure what you want to update. I don't 
> quite understand why you are connecting to the machine with SSH, 
> presumably it is local to you as you can see the backlight isn't on. 
> That bug doesn't seem to be about the backlight specifically, I am a 
> bit confused about the whole situation to be honest, I expect others 
> are too. Maybe try running Natty instead of Maverick, it might support 
> your hardware better, or file a bug that details the backlight issue.
> Alan. 

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