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I thought the move to Debian was before unity etc. I also thought the
motivation was to track Debian unstable and have continuous rolling updates.


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On 20 Jan 2011 19:34, "Liam Proven" <lproven at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 9, 2011 at 1:09 PM, Paul Morgan-Roach <roachy at roachy.net>
>>> Linux Mint Debian - very, very impressed!  Probably going to stick with
>>> this on the laptop.  Rolling distro, attractive and the forums are
>>> and helpful.  Cpufreq didn't run out of the box and the Debian methods
>>> doing things are not as straight forward as Ubuntu, but it just feels
>>>  Still got a huge learning curve, moving from a RPM based distro to a
>>> based.  But very impressed.
>> Never really played with Mint - this is interesting feedback - might give
>> a go!
> Do bear in mind that there are currently 2 flavours of Mint. It is
> *possibly* on the threshold of a big change.
> Ordinary Linux Mint is an Ubuntu remix, with a more Windows-like
> layout of panels and so on, the fairly minimal collection of bundled
> proprietary addons and media codecs to access most Web media content,
> DVDs etc., and a few tweaked tools - a different Start menu, update
> manager and so on. It's good, but it's basically just Ubuntu tweaked.
> Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) is new and different.
> The maintainer of Mint, Clem LeFevbre, apparently does not much like
> the directions that Ubuntu is going. (E.g., he has kept window widgets
> on the right, does not incorporate the Netbook remix and so on.) He is
> experimenting with changing the basis of Mint from Ubuntu to raw
> Debian. In essence, he's taken his custom tweaks and changes to Ubuntu
> and applied them to Debian instead, to produce something that looks
> and works like Mint - i.e., like Ubuntu but slightly more "refined" -
> but that is actually Debian underneath.
> I have only had a quick play with it, but it looks good. It's nearly
> as easy to install as Ubuntu or Mint (they're essentially the same at
> install-time), comes with all the media stuff, drivers and so on, but
> it's a bit smaller and a bit faster and takes a bit less RAM.
> It's not as sleek as Crunchbang, no, but then, it is a full GNOME distro.
> It's an interesting project. Nobody knows yet which way he's going to
> go - keep on producing an Ubuntu remix, switch to Debian, maintain
> both, or what. Both sides have their strengths.
> My personal guess? He doesn't like the look of the promised changes to
> Ubuntu - the big ones being Unity instead of GNOME 3 and Wayland
> instead of X - and is getting ready to kill off the Ubuntu derivative
> as soon as Ubuntu drifts too far from where it is now.
> Note, even though I work for a company that sells computers running
> Mint, I know nothing about what's going on with it - I'm just guessing
> here.
> I have been meaning to take Mint 9 off my main laptop and replace it
> with LMDE, actually. I now have Ubuntu 10.10 running really sweetly on
> it, which is its main OS, and I never use Mint 9 any more.
> My older laptop - a Thinkpad 1161-93G (PIII-750, DVD-ROM, 320MB RAM,
> 20GB HD) - is running Lubuntu 10.10 really nicely now. Sadly, the
> Debian-based Crunchbang won't find my Xircom Ethernet card, so I am
> still on #! 9.04, which is getting worryingly long-in-the-tooth now. I
> might wipe both distros and start again, actually...
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