[ubuntu-uk] netbook wifi traffic disconnects all

Barry Titterton barry.titterton at mail.adsl4less.com
Wed Jan 19 23:31:50 UTC 2011

On Tue, 2011-01-18 at 23:11 +0000, Bill Cumming wrote:

> I've a Netgear DG834gt Router with custom firmware,
> It does the same! With me It's a problem with the way the router
> handles ports, 
> It only happens when i'm downloading many torrents, causes the routers
> wireless not respond.
> My router stands vertically with a 4inch gap all around it in a room
> with no central heating on (it's around 16c in the room) so don't
> think it's not an over heating problem.
> It sounds more like a problem with the drivers of the wireless, Can't
> remember where I read it but there's something about the number of
> ports the router can open and the speed the connections are recycled
> causes the drivers to effectively "crash" if it happens too quickly.
> As I said, it only happens with me If I'm downloading multiple
> torrents and they all try to open more than 256 ports each..
> -- 
> Regards
> Bill Cumming
> Twitter: @s0l_uk
> Skype: s0litaire
> eMail: bill at s0l.co.uk

I have also had a problem recently with my DG834GT, which suddenly
started dropping connections. I traced this to the channel that I was
using. The router defaults to channel 6. I changed to channel 11 and the
problem went away. I think that one of my neighbours must have bought a
wireless device such as a base station telephone which was swamping the
signal for channel 6. It is worth a try as it is simple to change and
will not cost you a penny.


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