[ubuntu-uk] netbook wifi traffic disconnects all

Tyler J. Wagner tyler at tolaris.com
Wed Jan 19 16:07:45 UTC 2011

On Tue, 2011-01-18 at 23:11 +0000, Bill Cumming wrote:
> I've a Netgear DG834gt Router with custom firmware,
> It does the same! With me It's a problem with the way the router
> handles ports, 
> It only happens when i'm downloading many torrents, causes the routers
> wireless not respond.
> It sounds more like a problem with the drivers of the wireless, Can't
> remember where I read it but there's something about the number of
> ports the router can open and the speed the connections are recycled
> causes the drivers to effectively "crash" if it happens too quickly.

You've just diagnosed the problem. It has nothing to do with the
wireless, and has to do with the kernel parameters for maximum TCP and
UDP ports (really, NAT settings) or TCP/UDP timeout.

On DD-WRT v24, this is set on the Administration tab, Management subtab,
bottom of page, "IP Filter Settings (adjust these for P2P". Exactly what
to use depends on your hardware (RAM, really) and firmware.


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