[ubuntu-uk] Wireless print server or wireless printer

Paul Tansom paul at aptanet.com
Sun Jan 9 16:25:21 UTC 2011

** Rob Beard <rob at esdelle.co.uk> [2011-01-09 02:58]:
> I wonder if anyone could advise me on something...
> I've offered to setup two old basic laptops running Ubuntu (not sure
> which flavor yet) for a local children's group so the kids can do
> simple drawings on Tuxpaint and play with basic educational games
> etc.
> What I'd like to do to make things simple for the staff is to get
> either a wireless printer or a wireless print server with a USB port
> so that these two laptops can print to it.
> There isn't going to be any other wireless networks where the
> laptops will be used (so I guess it would need to be an adhoc
> network) and I just want them to be able to plug in the laptops and
> printer and print, then be able to disconnect it all and put it away
> at the end of a session.
> I've not got much experience with wireless printers (I've only set
> one expensive looking HP one up for someone on a Mac and Windows)
> but I've got reasonably good experience of setting up network
> printers on Ubuntu (HP and Lexmark printers) and I'm wondering if
> anyone could either suggest a budget inkjet printer with wireless
> (the cheaper the better) or a wireless to USB print server which is
> known to work with Linux?
** end quote [Rob Beard]

I've no direct experience of using a wireless printer with Linux, but have used
an old 3Com wireless print server. The one thing I would note with regard to
using a print server is the need for two plug points, and... erm, the two
things I would note with regard to using a print server are, the need for two
plug points and the fact that you won't get access to some of the extra
features of the printer - ink levels, etc..

That said, my current printer has just lost the ability to provide me with ink
level information anyway as the Windows 7 driver only does printing and nothing
else - I guess I should be thankful it works at all! I must get the Linux boot
working so I can use all my hardware without problems :)

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