[ubuntu-uk] Natty 11.04

Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Sun Jan 9 16:13:14 UTC 2011

Hi there ...

I wonder if anyone has had this problem (I logged it at:

Ever since a recent update, the Unity desktop has been broken for me,
although the gnome desktop seems to work OK.  Yesterday, I started from
scratch and re-installed from the Natty 64 bit DVD followed by
upgrade/update.  The outcome was the same.  The above bug number was
first logged as a dual monitor problem, but I have only one monitor

If no one here is experiencing it, I'm going to try installing on a
different piece of hardware.  Only problem is that I'm testing the 64
bit version, and I only have the one box that can run 64 bit.

Regards,		Barry Drake.

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