[ubuntu-uk] Distro hopping / Laptop running hot

Steve Fisher xirconuk at gmail.com
Sat Jan 8 21:22:58 UTC 2011

My laptop is running hot so I have spent the last couple of weeks
distro-hopping on my new Dell Inspiron N5010 laptop to have a look at the

Mandriva - I am a refugee from Mandriva, looking bad over on the forums,
hardly any one there!  Worked well, hardware recognised (and I know what I
am doing!)

Fedora - didn't like it, could fry an egg on my trackpad!

PCLinuxOS - Forum full of rabid fan boys, it didn't work well at all.

Linux Mint Debian - very, very impressed!  Probably going to stick with this
on the laptop.  Rolling distro, attractive and the forums are friendly and
helpful.  Cpufreq didn't run out of the box and the Debian methods of doing
things are not as straight forward as Ubuntu, but it just feels right.
 Still got a huge learning curve, moving from a RPM based distro to a DEB
based.  But very impressed.

So I now have 4 machines on 4 different distros!!

Have I missed any distro worth investigating?

Had to really throttle back my core i5 processor to stop it running too hot,
going to take it to bits in them morning to check the fans and the seating
of the heatsink as the machine was knocked over by the dog a couple of weeks

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