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dan@fishms.org dan at fishms.org
Sun Feb 20 13:12:45 UTC 2011

Oh no, not more of this rubbish! 
Seriously, a great show and looking forwards to the new season. Keep up the good work! 


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Subject: [ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu UK Podcast returning
Date: Sat, Feb 19, 2011 20:32

Hi all,

As you can see by the website, we're returning with Season 4 of the
Ubuntu UK Podcast in 10 days.


We're changing things a little in that we'll record the show live on a
Tuesday evening at ~20:30 and then release it as a podcast the next
day. We'll update the site nearer the time with details of how to
listen in and of course how to get in contact, but for those of you
who already have the details, they won't change:-

Twitter: http://twitter.com/uupc
Identi.ca: http://identi.ca/uupc
Email: podcast at ubuntu-uk.org
Phone: +44 (0) 203 298 1600
sip: podcast at sip.ubuntu-uk.org
skype: ubuntuukpodcast

It'll still be about an hour long and contain much the same content as
previous years. Contributions, suggestions, comments as ever are very


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