[ubuntu-uk] Preferred online storage solution?

Glen Mehn glen.mehn at oba.co.uk
Thu Feb 17 16:43:09 UTC 2011

Dropbox. It just works. It's cross-platform. They've ironed out most of 
the bugs.

On 16/02/2011 11:36, Dave Hanson wrote:
> I sure you can tell from the subject where this is going :)
> I'm particularly keen to find out what everyones preferred online 
> storage solution is and why, I ask because I am struggling to find one 
> suitable for Ubuntu, here's what I have tried;
> - Ubuntu One (obviously)
> The main issue with this for me is that it seems to be ALWAYS doing 
> something in the background even if there is nothing to sync, and when 
> it does do the syncing it's so sloooow. I'm not moving huge files 
> around but some are a good few MB in size and a the cluttered 
> directory structure I use accompanied with the large amount of small 
> files just don't seem to be suited as it can take an absolute age for 
> the browser based version of Ubuntu One to correspond to what my local 
> folder contains once I have moved something around or added to the 
> folder.
> - Spider Oak
> It seemed ideal at first as I study at University, Spider Oak boasts 
> that it will automatically backup my files each time I save and keep a 
> copy for me at no cost to my storage limit, excellent? Not quite, the 
> backup of the files is true but the use of space is not, and I have 
> already run out of my allowance. You can download the files from their 
> site, but you cannot then upload!? - odd. (well, it seems odd to me 
> anyway?) The uploads/syncing also seems to be a lot quicker than One.
> - Sky Drive/Live Mesh (I know it's a bit taboo talking about MS here, 
> apologies in advance)
> The best I have tried in my opinion, fast syncing & uploads, didn't 
> seem to be doing a huge about in the background wasting resources and 
> the Sky Drive also comes with 25GB of online storage, The drive can 
> also be mounted to windows so it seems like a standard drive. shame it 
> can't be ran on Ubuntu as I have recently made the permanent 'switch' 
> and abandoned Windows all together.
> So that concludes my (very) shortlist and my experiences, And as I say 
> "I'm particularly keen to find out what everyones preferred online 
> storage solution is and why".
> Thanks Everybody.

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