[ubuntu-uk] [ANNOUNCE] shiny new website - yay \o/

Alan Bell alan.bell at theopenlearningcentre.com
Sat Feb 12 14:19:49 UTC 2011

there was a </head> tag in the code but some silly bunny had commented 
it out.
remaining errors are <ul></ul> for the secondary menu when it is empty 
and an invalid alt tag on something in the twitter feed, I am not too 
worried about either of these ones. I fixed some of the colour errors in 
the css file, but I think I will leave the shadow stuff because I have 
no idea what it does, it probably highly depends on browser quirks and 
probably the worst it can do is incorrectly render a shadow on something 
in some browser.

I am still no nearer figuring out the truncated heading text in some 
browsers (I can't reproduce) email is rubbish for sorting out these 
sorts of things, do hop on to IRC 
http://ubuntu-uk.org/join-the-conversation/ and lets continue there.


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