[ubuntu-uk] Lubuntu

Scrase, Eddie escrase.uk at Wentworthlabs.com
Fri Feb 11 08:56:50 UTC 2011

> By the way, thanks to whomever suggested Lubuntu for my eeePC. I've
> finally had to bite down on the fact that it can't run Ubuntu Netbook
> sensibly with a 4GB USB HD even stripping out locales and other
> and constantly cleaning up apt like a madwoman.

I can second that: Lubuntu has brought back to life an ancient Toshiba
Laptop (with a 4G hard disk!) and my old Asus EEE.

> Chromium gets on my nerves but I thought I'd try Midori which seems

Personally I quite like Chromium, and it's screen space saving design is
really useful on the EEE's 7" screen.

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