[ubuntu-uk] Christmas Revelation

Liam Proven lproven at gmail.com
Tue Dec 27 20:35:52 UTC 2011

On 27 December 2011 19:25, Paul Tansom <paul at aptanet.com> wrote:
> ** Nigel Verity <nigelverity at hotmail.com> [2011-12-25 10:25]:
>> Dear All
>> Santa brought my daughter her first laptop for Christmas. In common with most 11-year olds she appears to never listen to a word I say, but almost her first comment after opening the box was "has it already got Linux on it?". There is hope for the future!
> ** end quote [Nigel Verity]
> I tweeted/Facebook'd/Google+'d/Dented a coupld of similar things about my
> eldest son (10, nearly 11) recently. The first was a question he asked shortly
> after I'd installed Ubuntu on the family PC, which was "Why doesn't the school
> use Linux?". The second came about a week later I think, when he was heard to
> say "I'm going to use Linux because it is faster, more reliable and has lots of
> cool games".
> Some things just make you feel warm all over and consider that it is worth it
> and there really is hope :)

Like it!

Now, see, if your sig contained your Twitter ID, say, I could have
found that and retweeted it. ;¬)

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