[ubuntu-uk] Exchange in Thunderbird

Avi Greenbury lists at avi.co
Sun Dec 25 12:26:12 UTC 2011

John Oliver wrote:

> Hello,
> I was wondering if anyone knows of any way to connect to a corporate 
> Microsoft Exchange server via Thunderbird? This would help me greatly
> in my work, as having to use OWA (Light, 2007), which is one of the
> least intuitive pieces of software released by Microsoft, is a bit of
> a pain for me, as reading emails becomes a chore, and I can only send
> them back out in plain text format, which isn't especially fabulous
> for me.

The only reliable way I've found to connect anything that's not MS
Outlook to MS Exchange is to not use MAPI and instead use a standard
like IMAP.

That said, I've heard of people using DavMail as a gateway. I've never
done it myself, but there's a howto of sorts here:


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