[ubuntu-uk] No, You Won't See Me on Facebook, Google Plus, nor Skype - Bradley M. Kuhn ( Brad ) ( bkuhn )

Jon Spriggs jon at sprig.gs
Mon Dec 12 10:09:48 UTC 2011

(I'd have credited this comment, but I've not seen it in my mail
stream aside from in someone else's reply, and I don't know who said
it, as that person cropped the originators name out!)
> What does "FaiF" stand for,  if we are to get anywhere with promotion we
> need to use PLAIN ENGLISH its fine putting in acronyms as long as they are
> explained for example

FaiF was the name of Bradley's podcast (hence, he may not have seen
the need to explain it, as it will be clearly documented elsewhere on
his site) and stands for "Free as in Freedom", referring to the
complications around the word "Free" in the English language where
Free could refer to Free of Cost or Freedom, meaning, he is interested
in the Freedom aspect of the word Free.

All the best,

Jon "The Nice Guy" Spriggs

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