[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu - Wrong Direction?

Barry Titterton barry.titterton at mail.adsl4less.com
Sat Dec 10 08:12:46 UTC 2011

On Fri, 2011-12-09 at 13:34 +0000, Paula Graham wrote:

> >> The only issues I see
> >> within Ubuntu are Compiz as a CPU hog
> Dunno what's hogging the CPU but Oneiric takes literally (I've timed it) 
> up to 6 mins to boot on my 4 GB Lenovo and almost as long to shut down 
> and is sluggish in use.
> Paula

My Toshiba running 11.10 takes five times longer to shut down compared
with when it was running 11.04. Start up times are about the same.

Barry T

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