[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu - Wrong Direction?

Paul Tansom paul at aptanet.com
Sun Dec 4 15:53:04 UTC 2011

** Colin Law <clanlaw at googlemail.com> [2011-12-03 09:59]:
> On 2 December 2011 23:36, Paul Tansom <paul at aptanet.com> wrote:
> > ...
> >
> > I want to add parameters to the launcher icon, or add my own application to the
> > launcher (I really must find the configuration file to do this), but this
> > doesn't seem possible in an easy manner yet. If the application isn't available
> > through the dash then you can't drag it on (I have a scrip to start JTides that
> > I'd like to add), and if it is but you want to start with specific parameters
> > you can't (I want to start XTides with Portsmouth as the default location using
> > command line options).
> Have a look at [1] for suggestions on how to create custom items on
> the launcher.  Read right through as there are a number of options.
> Also [2] in particular for how to create quicklists in launchers so
> you can right click and get a selection of things to run.  I use this
> to allow right click on the terminal launcher which then gives me a
> list of all my servers which I can ssh into.
> Colin
> [1] http://askubuntu.com/questions/13758/how-can-i-edit-create-new-launcher-items-in-unity-by-hand
> [2] http://www.webupd8.org/2011/04/things-to-tweak-fix-after-installing.html
** end quote [Colin Law]

That sounds good, I'll have a good read. I've been searching for something
useful, but Google is about as clogged with junk as Yahoo was in the 90's and
I've not had much success. I'm hoping for another new kid on the block search
wise that is as useful for finding things as Google was when it first started -
it was great for Linux stuff back then!!

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