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On 1 December 2011 23:52, <thegeeksquadron at ymail.com> wrote:

> Is Ubuntu going in the wrong direction? For starters, it seems as though
> hordes of users - including myself have switched over to Linux Mint and
> Arch in some cases.
> I've been using Ubuntu since Hardy and am sad to leave it go, but the last
> two versions have been buggy beyond belief, and furthermore Unity is for
> tablets and Netbooks, not Desktops and laptops.
> The attitude of Canonical is so poor - so many users have been saying what
> they want; they've ignored, and Linux Mint has filled the hole. Mint 11 was
> perfect; Mint 12, I'm not liking Gnome 3 MSGE, regularly crashes, but
> they're supporting MATE - which is the future as far as I am concerned,
> along with the old Gnome 2.x as well.
> Ubuntu just lags and lags and is so irresponsive. The memory leaks so
> badly lately - which was the reason I made the Mint switchover that so many
> are doing.
> Not trying to start a flame war, but I loved the OLD Ubuntu, now that
> Ubuntu is Mint.
> Ditch Unity, change the attitude and we're onto a winner again.
> Is this a sneek peek of Win8, supposedly 'tablet/mobile and desktop', in a
> way I kinda hope so ;) - at least Windows will be gone. Seriously, you only
> have to look at DistroWatch to count down the days before Mint overtakes
> its base, as Ubuntu did with Debian.
For my 2p worth, I'm happy with Unity as I like the paradigm of the GUI,
having returned to Linux after many years of OS X. The only issues I see
within Ubuntu are Compiz as a CPU hog and a very slow start time on my
desktop machine which seems to be caused by ubuntuone-client. There are
bugs for both and I suppose I should contribute to them. The only memory
problem that I have is with Nautilus eating swap when browsing directories
of photos, which seems to be derived from it creating thumbnails in swap,
which seems very inefficient.

I am less than certain about the six month and 24 month development cycles.
Six months is definitely too short a time for major shifts as Unity is and
I am looking to 12.04 to resolve the outstanding issues that started in the
betas of Unity, however, I probably won't adopt 12.04 LTS as the update
processes in previous LTS releases has seemed too slow (and I say this as
someone who administers a lot of CentOS machines for a living).

There's no doubt that Unity has split the Ubuntu userbase considerably, but
the great thing is of course that there are other directions for the
desktop such as Mint or Xubuntu or Lubuntu  - I have to say what I've seen
of Gnome 3 is awful so far, and given Xubuntu or Lubuntu I would end up
customising it to look and act not unlike Unity - perhaps not so much with
Zeigeist and the other background enhancements, but with a toolbar based UI
- but that's the fun of it.

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