[ubuntu-uk] 11.10 So far mixed fortunes

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On 3 December 2011 17:18, Barry Titterton <
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> The recent, very extensive, discussion for and against Unity/11.10 has
> prompted me to give my experience.
> Four weeks ago I upgraded my spare laptop to 11.10 and the experience
> has been mixed.
> The machine is an elderly Toshiba Satellite Pro A120 with 1 Gig Ram. It
> had been running 10.04 without problems for several months. the initial
> upgrade did not go smoothly as I had the issue, previously reported on
> this list, where it kept asking me to put an 11.10 CD in the drive to
> enable the upgrade to continue. After the upgrade the machine crashed
> back to a text only display three times in two days. The line on the
> screen full of text that seemed most interesting was:
> "Bug: unable to handle kernel paging request at 42de0014".
I have had this a lot - I have reported a bug.


Why not add yourself to it.

Its not down to your Tosh as such as my computer is a HP Pavilion desktop
with 2GB ram.

More likely to be a Unity 3D problem.  I had crashes in 11.04 but they have
become more frequent in 11.10.

> I assumed that the issues with the upgrade had caused a problem so did a
> full install. The machine crashed again two days later. Also Firefox was
> crashing to the desktop several times a day. I have now downgraded to
> Unity 2D and everything is stable.
> My non-techie test subject (the wife) has two things that she dislikes
> about Unity:
> 1. The small vertical scroll device is fiddly, especially when using a
> touch pad.
> 2. The launcher is too quick to jump out when you go to select things in
> the top left hand corner of an application, for example the 'Back Arrow'
> on Firefox. This, again, is a particular problem when using a touch pad
> as it is generally less accurate and over shoots are more likely. There
> needs to be a buffer zone between the left hand edge of a 'full screen'
> application window and the left hand edge of the display screen.
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