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Paula Graham pmgazz at gmx.co.uk
Tue Aug 2 15:50:38 UTC 2011

On 02/08/11 13:03, Laura Czajkowski wrote:
> On 02/08/11 12:16, Barry Drake wrote:
>> Hi there ....  A few days ago, Laura Czajkowski made the suggestion that
>> Ubuntu Advertising and/or Ubuntu Marketing might look at preparing and
>> sending press releases to appropriate media.  Since then, I've been
>> looking at what happens at present.  All I can find are spasmodic
>> releases from Canonical which sometimes reflect the state of play with
>> the latest Ubuntu release.
> What I suggested doing was doing something other than waiting for stuff
> to be paid for, you can write on anything perhaps how Ubuntu is being
> used in other places, and get journalists to pick up on items. Perhaps
> leaving the "release" announcements to Canonical as that's their area.
> Laura
I think it's an excellent idea - and I don't think would need to be 
restricted to the technical press, if Ubuntu is being used in 
social/charitable projects, that would be newsworthy. Can't think of 
anything right now but will bear it in mind.

The other thing might be to try something like 38 Degrees did to get 
their campaign to have the BSkyB takeover investigated properly - they 
used social networking to raise enough donations for some half-page ads 
in the national press.

I hesitate to suggest stuff I don't have the time to do myself, but 
since it's come up, I had been thinking about it. If anyone's a whizz 
with social networking, a sustained and planned campaign might go a long 
way on minimal budget?

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