[ubuntu-uk] What accounting software to recommend

Will Bickerstaff will.bickerstaff at gmail.com
Fri Oct 22 11:42:01 BST 2010

A colleague of mine has come to me this morning with a laptop on which
his windows install has been bricked by his AV.

I sort of, politely explained my stance on not wanting to waste time
messing with problem windows installs any more. But I've agreed to
look and get it working again for him, provided he allows me to
install and dual boot Ubuntu, with a recommendation that he use it and
see whether it works for him or not. Luckily I have my own laptop with
me this morning that has 10.10, so was able to quickly demo Ubuntu
with him, and explain one or two key differences.

He uses sage a lot, and, not being an accounting type I was wondering
what is the most similar package to use. I know what's available in
the repo's but not their capability / compatibility with sage. Will he
be able to get his sage info into whatever I end up recommending? If
there's some leg work involved with converting, exporting and
importing, that's fine as long as we can get it all in.

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