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Fri Oct 22 11:57:51 BST 2010

a simple serch pointed me here:

2010/10/22 Will Bickerstaff <will.bickerstaff at gmail.com>

> A colleague of mine has come to me this morning with a laptop on which
> his windows install has been bricked by his AV.
> I sort of, politely explained my stance on not wanting to waste time
> messing with problem windows installs any more. But I've agreed to
> look and get it working again for him, provided he allows me to
> install and dual boot Ubuntu, with a recommendation that he use it and
> see whether it works for him or not. Luckily I have my own laptop with
> me this morning that has 10.10, so was able to quickly demo Ubuntu
> with him, and explain one or two key differences.
> He uses sage a lot, and, not being an accounting type I was wondering
> what is the most similar package to use. I know what's available in
> the repo's but not their capability / compatibility with sage. Will he
> be able to get his sage info into whatever I end up recommending? If
> there's some leg work involved with converting, exporting and
> importing, that's fine as long as we can get it all in.
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