[ubuntu-uk] Open with feature in Nautilus

Dave Smith dave at p3computers.com
Sun Oct 17 11:14:23 BST 2010

In 10.04 and before, say if I had a folder of videos and I always wanted them to open with VLC, I could right click the folder in Nautilus, choose 'open with other application' and select VLC so it would launch and play the contents of the folder.  If I tick the box to remember my choice, it added an 'Open With' option to my context menu where VLC would always be.

Having done the same on 10.10, it looks like there is no 'Open With' remembered and something else has happened.  By ticking the box, it has made all home folders in my Places menu always open with VLC instead of launching Nautilus to navigate.  If I launch Nautilus independently, or click Places -> Computer, I can navigate around as normal.

So, how can I undo what I've done?  And how can I do what I wanted to do?
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