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  On 14/10/10 06:27, Traveller wrote:
> My experience installing 10.04 does not support this claim, Alan. In my
> case, on a system with on-board nVidia graphics, X not only failed to
> start, the monitor went to sleep after claiming "No input". Fortunately
> for me, I still had a working WinXP available, and I was able to learn
> that this was a known issue, and the solution was to select "nomodeset"
> from F6 before commencing installation. I must say, though, that I was
> very pleased with the Maverick installer. Not only is this the first
> release since 9.04 that has actually got my wifi working straight away,
> but the INSTALLER actually found the wifi and downloaded updates on the
> fly! Made me very happy! Now if I can just get the sound to work the way
> I want it to...
> 	Traveller
Here is the spec where the failsafe X was designed:

Here is the testing procedure and bug reporting instructions for 
failures of the failsafe X mode

Here are the 13 open bugs against failsafe

The  #ubuntu-x IRC Channel is where people interested in improving X on 
Ubuntu tend to be, but your first port of call should be #ubuntu-uk.

This is where overall quality testing of Ubuntu on different hardware 
takes place

There are lots of different nvidia cards, there are lots of different 
monitors, there is crappy hardware that misreports it's capabilities and 
comes with Windows drivers that work around known defects in the 
hardware. I used to have a laptop with nvidia graphics, it worked fine 
for me until the hinges snapped, my current hardware has Intel drivers 
which basically worked out of the box, however there is a bug on the VGA 
output causing an instability in the signal, that is bug 614238 which I 
am subscribed to, have commented on and is being tracked upstream at 
http://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=28306. At some point that 
will get fixed, in the mean time I am using the HDMI output with a 
converter to DVI and I have a rock solid display on the external monitor.


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