[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu/Linux is still not an OS for the masses - discuss

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Wed Oct 13 18:25:03 BST 2010

On 13/10/10 16:19, John Matthews wrote:

> Yeh, but there you go, for you, its never a problem, so it shouldnt be a
> problem for anybody else. And as for getting help from Ubuntu, that isnt
> easy either, if it was, I still wouldnt have problems with my network
> shares and videos problems. I would be able to use my numbers at the
> side of the keyboard after asking for help. And I wouldnt be
> continuously reminded that you volunteer for help, and I shouldnt expect
> it. Which has been told be on quite a few occasions. So, you'll have to
> excuse me if I still say, I find windows easier, and most of the time,
> it work out of the box, far quicker than getting Ubuntu to work out of
> the box. That is coming form about 4 years of trying to get my Ubuntu to
> work properly. So sorry, its not about telling you your experience is
> wrong, its telling your my experience. And I wouldnt be told when trying
> to get help, buy a better computer. That isnt help.
> John.

John, have you tried maybe contacting your local Linux User Group 
(assuming there is one near you?).  You can find a list of LUGs here:


If you can find a local LUG which is active (seems like some of them 
aren't so active) then maybe one of the LUG members could pop over and 
see you and go through the problems you're having.  Maybe another pair 
of eyes actually looking at things might help.  Okay it's not 100% 
guaranteed but it could be worth a shot.


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