[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu/Linux is still not an OS for the masses - discuss

Alan Pope alan at popey.com
Wed Oct 13 15:55:54 BST 2010

On 13 October 2010 13:46, Melv Bailey <melvbailey at googlemail.com> wrote:
> Your missing the point, the live CD is the way to anyone other than the
> computer experts, and if it does not work it ends up in the bin,
> together with the concept of Linux.

Which is why you're getting encouraged to file bugs.

> Why can it not start in a basic video mode, or at least have an option
> to, so the user can have a second attempt at booting it in a mode that
> is guaranteed to work.

There's two contending factors.

a) Users want a working system
b) Users want to see the all the new features without installing.

Sometimes b) breaks a). We try to fix that, and when people let us
know, we fix it.

> I'm not looking for answers to my problems directly, I am trying to
> point out that every failure of a live CD is not just a user who wont
> install Ubuntu at that time, it is has an negative impact on Linux in
> general, as did the failure of the preinstalled netbooks.

Did netbooks fail or did Microsoft just start giving away the OS with
them in order to compete?

> Someone needs to take a business type view of this.

I think you're mistaken if you think Canonical don't see this as a business.

> If the live CD does not work because it is trying to be too
> clever - simplfy it, dont say but if you do this, then that, then this,
> it will work.  If we did that in business we would go bust in no time.

I think you think we deliberately make these CDs hobbled. We don't, we
ship software and sometimes that software is flawed.

> when I get chance I will log the bugs, assuming the internet connection
> is working when I boot the live CD, I haven't got a screen to tell!

You don't need an internet connection on the machine in question, but
it helps. If you'd like assistance in filing bugs we can certainly


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