[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu/Linux is still not an OS for the masses - discuss

Melv Bailey melvbailey at googlemail.com
Wed Oct 13 13:46:26 BST 2010

Your missing the point, the live CD is the way to anyone other than the 
computer experts, and if it does not work it ends up in the bin, 
together with the concept of Linux.

Why can it not start in a basic video mode, or at least have an option 
to, so the user can have a second attempt at booting it in a mode that 
is guaranteed to work.  Now IT does what IT wants, IT doesnt work, IT 
hits the bin. Forget giving them the highest resolution and best 3D 
accelerated video it can, just give them one they can see and an option 
to change the screen resolution when it has loaded.  Remember if the 
live CD fails to deliver a desktop they WILL NOT install.

I'm not looking for answers to my problems directly, I am trying to 
point out that every failure of a live CD is not just a user who wont 
install Ubuntu at that time, it is has an negative impact on Linux in 
general, as did the failure of the preinstalled netbooks.

Someone needs to take a business type view of this.  If we (as a 
business) have a problem, yes we sort it but that invariably cost money, 
but we also look a why we had the problem so we can try and prevent it 
happening again. If there is a problem in Ubuntu then people offer 
solutions but no one seem to be taking the wider view as to why they 
happen.  If the live CD does not work because it is trying to be too 
clever - simplfy it, dont say but if you do this, then that, then this, 
it will work.  If we did that in business we would go bust in no time.

If this was a one off with 10.10 I might not feel so strongly about 
this, but its always been like this, and its not doing Linux any favours.

I agree, dont just blame the user.  I have spent 22 year with PC users 
and there are a lot incompetants but there is an awful lot of competants 
as well.  You can not give them all substandard software then blame them 
all for it not working.  I know there not paying for it but dont blame 
them for its shortcommings.  "What do you expect - its free" will not 
win Linux any friends.

the alternate cd with commandline switch is not for your average end 
user trying to try Linux out.

when I get chance I will log the bugs, assuming the internet connection 
is working when I boot the live CD, I haven't got a screen to tell!

and to Tim
you may have had to mess with Window printer drivers but you could at 
least see the screen.

As I said above I am not looking for answers to my problem I am trying 
to point out that Ubuntu has a big problem which no one seems to have 
addressed, and it goes back years.


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