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John Matthews jakewc2 at sky.com
Wed Oct 13 12:08:05 BST 2010

On 13/10/10 11:49, chris cundy wrote:
> I think the point of any Linux desktop distro is not that everything 
> will work perfectly with every combination of hardware available but 
> to work with most hardware. The issue with computer users is not that 
> they can't solve problems or get a particular setup working how they 
> would like, its that they won't try.  We have become too happy to rely 
> on others to do all our thinking.
> I too have come across problems with Graphic and Wifi cards yet I 
> appreciate the time and effort people have put in to create a 
> wonderful free product or to assist fools like me in forums.  One day 
> I hope that my mucking about might be able to assist the wider 
> community.  I'm excited that broad comm has released an open source 
> driver, and when I have time I will be swearing at some of my older 
> laptops as I try to make them work on Wifi with Ubuntu and the new 
> driver.
> As for the problem with the NVidia cards, install the driver :)
> I am lucky (not that the wife would agree) that I have vast amounts of 
> Graphics cards laying about, so if I do bump up against a problem I 
> will swap out until I find a card that works and use that instead.  
> Failing that I will install FreeNX and just connect remotely and 
> debug/install from a different machine.
> Obviously using the CD to check if your hardware setup will work is 
> great.  Its a shame you can't do that with Windows... (someone is 
> bound to tell me I'm wrong about that).  I have spent less time 
> chasing down bugs and fixing incompatibles under Ubuntu then I did 
> under XP (or 3.11).  Ubuntu has pushed Linux into the general public 
> view and is almost ready to be a solution for all.  If my 
> Mum/Dad/Wife/Grandparents can get to grips with it then I'm confidant 
> that one day it will give Microsoft/Apple some great competition.
> Chris
> Unix Support/Linux Liker/Windows Acceptor

This is what I find unacceptable with Ubuntu, the fact that those in the 
know, always say, we get fed of people not trying. Its not about not 
trying, this guy has just said how he has tried, and cant get his Ubuntu 
to work. Those who know, always seem to be those that stand there and 
say Ubuntu is easy, easier than windows. If it was easy, and easier than 
windows, why did so many people, when the big drive a few years back to 
to have Ubuntu preinstalled, take their computers back. I know in places 
like Dixons and Curries' which is where I bought my Netbook, the guys 
behind the counter told me they got most of them back, because people 
couldnt even get their internet connection to work, showds that was a 
waste of time. So saying, preinstalled Ubuntu would make a difference, I 
think you'll find those that did sell preinstalled, would tell you 

I know my experiences tell me as somebody who isnt a programmer and who 
basically self taught, say it isnt easy, and, help, well, that is 
another matter. There is so much and so many different things to look 
for when you have Ubuntu, that its confusing to say the least.

Windows as much as I hate it, is easier to set up than Ubuntu. Ubuntu, 
will start out of the box, and you might be able to surf the net, but as 
far as graphics are concerned, it doesnt tell you that you have to spend 
hours installing extras, not just a few things, but dozens of things, to 
get the graphics working, and even then it doesnt always work. So to 
say, its easier than windows, and its the users fault, I think that is 
not a good thing to put over. Sorry. I have said this myself before, it 
wont be program for masses.


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