[ubuntu-uk] Upgrade woes

ian pettitt ian.pettitt at bbsrc.ac.uk
Tue Oct 12 14:07:02 BST 2010

On 12/10/10 13:51, Glen Mehn wrote:
> Please please please file against update-manager.
> Rob: you can try this:
> Boot from usb stick or live cd
> Mount your filesystems in their correct places, so that your old / is at /mounts/oldroot
> Open a terminal
> Type 'chroot /mounts/oldroot'
> Run 'dpkg --configure -a'
> Run 'grub-install' (shouldn't be necessary, but can't hurt)
> Exit the chroot
> Unmount
> Reboot without the cd
> Best of luck!
> Glen Mehn
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> On 12/10/10 07:13, Barry Titterton wrote:
>> I have just tried to upgrade my sickly install of 10.04 to 10.10. The
>> install process failed just after half way when it threw up a window
>> which appeared to be asking me what I wanted to do with my modified
>> version of GRUB2. This window was positioned behind the progress window,
>> and I could only see the top quarter of the window, which contained a
>> drop down list of options of what to do with my current version of GRUB.
>> The bottom three quarters of the window were hidden so I could not
>> select any 'Accept' button. I was unable to move either window to one
>> side, nor shrink either window. The install stopped at this point and my
>> only option was to press the power button. My computer is now dead. I
>> shall have to download the ISO and try a fresh install.
>> Please note that I had added boot options to GRUB in an effort to solve
>> my reliability problems in 10.04.
>> Has anyone else seen this problem? I do not know if this is a bug that
>> needs filing, or another symptom of my faulty install of 10.04.
>> Barry
> Hi
> I had exactly the same problem. Whatever I did, I could get not to the
> window behind.
> I opened a terminal, killed the updating process. I then ran
> sudo dpkg --configure -a
> to finishing configuring the package upgrades that hadn't completed.
> This partially completed, but exited reporting errors. These errors were
> being reported as /var/cache/debconf/lock was not released when the
> update manager process was killed. Searching on launchpad I found the
> simplest way to release the lock was to
> sudo rm -rf /var/cache/debconf/*
> Rerunning
> sudo dpkg --configure -a
> then completed without error. I was presented with a number of
> configuration screens giving me the option to keep or replace a number
> of configuration files (php, samba, rsnapshot, postfix etc)
> Once this was completed I then reran apt-get to update, to ensure that
> everything was updated, which also completed without error.
> At this point I was confident to reboot and when I did I was able to
> restart and log into 10.10
> I had backed up everything before starting, and also cloned my 10.04
> install on to an external USB drive using Clonezilla so restoring my
> working 10.04 install wouldn't have been too hard. My internet
> connection is quite slow at work and in the past I have had the update
> process trip up on some packages that didn't download, so I was prepared
> for potential problems in the process. However, I have read on this list
> and other places to not restart the machine if there is a problem as it
> maybe possible to rescue a seemly failed upgrade, which in this case
> proved to be correct.
> I would like to file a bug on this, but I am unsure of the best place to
> do so. I have searched launchpad and I think I should file it against
> update-manager, but I wonder if this is the correct package? Could
> anyone confirm this, or direct me to the correct one?
> Thanks
> Ian
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