[ubuntu-uk] Pages not loading in Ubuntu 10.10

John Matthews jakewc2 at sky.com
Mon Oct 11 09:40:25 BST 2010

On 11/10/10 07:32, Sean Miller wrote:
> Surely this is all "back to front"?
> If the HTML is rubbish, and newer versions of the rendering engines
> are throwing it out, perhaps the key would be to work out WHY they are
> creating blank sites and fix your own site?
> Then you end up with a bonus - you have a site that OTHERS with newer
> browsers can also view.  For an e-commerce website, I'd think that was
> quite important.
> Rather than trying to apply patches to revert your system to the state
> it was in when it used to render the (incorrectly coded) site
> properly?
> Or maybe I'm missing something here... been designing websites (that
> DO render) for too long, maybe;-)
> Sean

This isnt my site, its a site I visit. I used to be able to view it no 
problems before the upgrade now I cant. It shows for a couple of seconds 
then the page goes blank.


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