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Jacob Mansfield cyberjacob at gmail.com
Mon Oct 4 21:26:49 BST 2010

can't find that in synaptic. AmorK can only import individual files, banshee
duplicated everything and crashes every ten seconds and rhythmbox lacks the
MP3 player features as well as crashing every few seconds

On 4 October 2010 21:21, Anton Piatek <anton at piatek.co.uk> wrote:

> It might help if you said why the others failed you. I love amazon, and it
> should do most of your list (though I prefer to manage my library as files
> than let a tool do it for me)
> Anton
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> On 4 Oct 2010 21:04, "Jacob Mansfield" <cyberjacob at gmail.com> wrote:
> > could anybody recommend a good music player/manager, I've just spent 4
> hours
> > clearing up after banshee, amorak and rhythmbox and I'm not happy. it has
> to
> > be able to consolidate my music library using move, NOT COPY. use 'smart
> > play-lists' get album art. manage the content on my mp3 player based on
> what
> > I haven't herd recently. oh and did I mention I have 105GB of MP3s which
> I
> > also want to convert into ogg vorbis. any ideas about this?
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