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Sun Oct 3 13:09:04 BST 2010

Rob. It is an and CPU.

Should I disesemble..remove heatsink..apply cooling..shall I try this?
> On 03/10/10 12:40, Stephen Garton wrote:
>> My work laptop is a reasonably new (2 years old) dual core unit, and
>> regularly runs at >70C (normally when running Java apps or converting
>> video. I have to set the CPU frequency to 2/3 to get it to cool down!
>> sheepeatingtaz
> The problem with laptops is that due to the limited space inside the
> unit the heatsink and fan isn't very big. For instance I have an Acer
> Aspire 2920 (12.1" notebook with Core 2 Duo 2GHz), when it's running at
> full speed it does get hot and the fans kick in but the actual heatsink
> and fan assembly is quite small, less metal than what you'd get with a
> stock fan on a desktop.
> I'm assuming here that Javadayaz has a desktop, and a desktop running at
> high temperatures like that isn't going to do it much good. If he's got
> an Intel CPU then the CPU will throttle down to a slower speed to cool
> down a bit but AFAIK if it's an AMD CPU it won't throttle down, at least
> not by much unless Cool 'n' Quiet is enabled.
> Rob
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