[ubuntu-uk] Diagnostics tools

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Sun Oct 3 15:48:41 BST 2010

On 03/10/10 13:09, javadayaz wrote:
> Rob. It is an and CPU.
> Should I disesemble..remove heatsink..apply cooling..shall I try this?

If you're confident in doing this then yes.  What I have done in the 
past with old heatsinks is dust them off, take the fan off and clean it 
as best as I can then soak the heatsink in hot water with a bit of 
washing up liquid which removes more dust.  Then try it off on the 
radiator for a little while, then clean the heatsink surface with a bit 
of brasso or heatsink cleaner.

Use a bit of heatsink cleaner on the CPU too to clean off any old 
compound and then apply a thin layer of compound to the heatsink. 
Ideally I'd suggest using the silver stuff.  Arctic Silver is great (but 
a pain to clean off things if you get it on anything other than the 
heatsink).  Coolermaster or Asaka heatsink compound isn't too bad 
either.  If you haven't got a card to spread it, try using something 
like an old store card or something.

Hopefully this should make a bit of difference.  Also probably a good 
idea to dust off the rest of the components.  A clean paint brush and a 
can of air duster can help (or blowing it yourself can also do a 
reasonable ish job).


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