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Mark markymoo75 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 26 21:18:39 GMT 2010

On 26 November 2010 20:37, Barry Drake <bdrake at crosswire.org> wrote:

> On Fri, 2010-11-26 at 17:56 +0000, Barry Drake wrote:
> > 'mtink' looks as though it might work, but I wonder if anyone here knows
> > of something that will do the job on my sister's printer.
> I've just answered my own question.  I talked her through installing
> mtink and it works well and shows all the ink levels correctly.  When I
> come over, I'll write her a script to save her having to open a terminal
> and use 'sudo mtink'.
> Regards,                Barry Drake.
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Looks like you have it sussed but here is a somewhat over engineered script
I wrote for checking ink levels for a Canon attached :

 if [ $user != 0 ]
    zenity --error --text "You must run this script as root in order
to run the right programs"

function mainMenu {

function install_pkgs {
	#this script requires ink libinklevel5
	iink=$(dpkg -l | grep "ii  ink")
	if test  ${#iink} -le 0
	apt-get install --yes ink


function test_ink {
	ink_levels=$(ink -p usb)
	zenity --info --text "$ink_levels"

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